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We’ve got a lot to offer, here are all the fun things we can do for you.

Custom Design

From element and image placement, all the way to colour schemes and content themes, your website layout will be made exactly as you envision it, with positive user experience in mind the whole time.


Search Engine Optimization. Absolutely necessary to get any website to the top of a search index. Using various SEO techniques, Blits secures you an edge in search index visibility.


Are you a start-up, struggling with branding direction? Blits can assist in custom logo design, psychologically chosen colour scheme selection, imagery and typography. Everything that conveys your brand’s style and intentions.


Setting up shop online during these uncertain times? Blits can help you seamlessly transition into online sales. With WooCommerce setup and payment gateway integration, we’ll get your online store up and running in no time!

Custom Preloader

Websites ‘heavier’ in content won’t always load immediately. Our custom preloaders add a cool, unique loading screen to keep visitors entertained and engaged until the website loads, increasing viewer retention.

Custom Popups

Want to remind visitors to sign up for your newsletter or to make an email booking? Blits can design unique, one of a kind pop-ups to nudge potential customers and clients in the right direction.


Animation elements such as icons and images bring movement and life to a website. They provide an eye-catching user experience to leave a longer lasting impression.

Motion Effects

Motion effects add visually pleasing, highly professional movement to a website. effects create an almost cinematic feel and immediately draw attention and memorability to the project.

Custom Artwork

Pre-paid illustration packages are all well and good, but chances are, someone else is using those same illustrations on their own website. We’ll assist in creating custom and totally unique artwork for you to proudly display on your project!

Content Creation

Struggling to create engaging content to add to your website? That ‘About Us’ page or ‘Mission Statement’ isn’t quite popping the way you would like? Blits has plenty of practice! We can help write original content for you and your business.

Blog Creation

Looking to create a blog or transfer your existing blog to your new website? As with everything else, we’ll ensure the theme and design match your style to a tee.

Fully Responsive

Whether it’s a phone, tablet or PC, your website will display seamlessly on any device in all of its aesthetic glory!

Google Analytics

Gain a greater understanding of how users are engaging with your content, so you know what is working and what isn’t. Blits can set you up with robust reports and dashboards, so you can see how your site is being interacted with.

XML Sitemap

XML site mapping assists with Search Engine Optimisation(SEO) as it acts as a roadmap of your website for a search index, like Google, allowing them to easily locate your most important and most relevant content.

Domain & Hosting

An essential piece of housekeeping when building a website. Assuming you haven’t taken care of this before we start, Blits can sort out hosting and domain name registration on your behalf.

404 Redirects

Turn disgruntled visitors into loyal patrons of your product! Everyone has seen the standard, boring and confusing ‘404 ERROR’ page and immediately wanted to leave. We offer thematic, relevant, custom 404 redirects to increase your conversions and maintain customer retention.

Social Feeds

Beyond linking your socials to your website, with Blits, you can have your social media feeds fully integrated into any of the pages of your website. This increases website AND social media traffic.


The first draft is never going to be the final product! Based on your selected level of service, we offer a number of revisions to touch base and evaluate the direction of the project.


Utilising our video tutorial package, we teach you how to make changes to your website and take care of general housekeeping without ever having to give us a call!

Live Monitoring

We won’t keep you in the dark, leaving you wondering and waiting. Using a temporary domain, like this, we give you 24/7 access to monitoring the progress of your website. All the while, your current website remains open for business.

Video Adverts

It’s simple. Video Ads engage more audience. We create top of the line video ads with custom music for our clients to maximize the effectiveness of their campaigns. And it’s free with your plan.

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